Thunder & Rust

Mampoer was originally produced in the Cape from grapes, but as the explorers headed further inland, it started being made from local fruits. Mampoer was usually hand-brewed in small batches from available ingredients that could be locally sourced; making the character and taste unique to each area.

Thunder & Rust Mampoer Liqueur takes its name from the warm and windy electrical storms that often blow across the Free State as well as the rusty old windmills that pepper the landscape. The name celebrates the rich character and diversity of both the land and the people of South Africa.
Handcrafted with nature’s help, our Mampoer Liqueurs are pot stilled using traditional methods and local ingredients and flavours. Sun-kissed fruits, herbsand wild plants unique to South Africa give Thunder & Rust Liqueurs their unique South African Flavour.

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