The Industry Guide

As you may know, I published The Beer Book recently and have been spending much time in the trade selling and promoting the book as well as the craft beer industry. If you ever get the chance to visit Hillcrest Tops, you will see what Mike has achieved with the help of The Beer Book.

The Beer Book at Hillcrest Tops

I am very excited about the response I have received and the lesson I learned from selling the book to the trade. The most important lesson is that there is not enough information about brands and distributors available to the liquor retailer. And I am surprised by how little effort retailers make to find brands requested by customers.

I have found that often when I show my book to a retailer, with the aim of selling them a few copies of The Beer Book, the retailer ends up giving me orders for the beers featured in the book.

So my next mission is to make it easier for the trade to find information, so I am starting a new publication – The Industry Guide – in which I will include all serious brands, breweries, distilleries, manufacturers and distributors.  To add your brand, e-mail me

The Industry Guide Front & Description


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