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Cornwall Beverage Company

Cornwall Liqueurs

Cornwall Beverage Company sells and distributes:

  • Henleys cocktails and cordials
  • Melktert – Traditional South African Shooter
  • Really Yummy – Peanut butter cream Liquor
  • Jammy – Ready to drink Cocktails in a glass Jam jar.

Legacy Holdings

Legacy Holdings is a family owned and run company which manufacture a number of alcoholic product from Cane, Vodka, Brandy, Whisky, Rum, Gin, Sours, Sambucca, RTD, Caramel Vodka’s, Flavoured Tequilas, carbonated cool drinks, Bottled water, Flavoured water, Dairy Blends, Energy Drinks, Kids Drinks etc.

Legacy Warehouse & Distribution has depots all over the country in Gauteng, Cape Town, George, Freestate, Natal, Lowveld, Far North West, PE & East London.

T: 011 794 3454