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Label 5

label 5Label 5 Classic Black Blended Scotch Whisky is available from retailers such as: Norman Goodfellows, Ultra Liquors, Liquor City, Model Liquors and distributors such as Imperial Wholesalers.

Label 5 is the No. 9 Scotch Whisky worldwide.  The brand is owned by the french spirit group, La Martiniquaise.

La Martiniquaise also owns the Poliakov Vodka brand available at Ultra Liquors.

La Martiniquaise-Bardinet Group

Bardinet’s brands are: Negrita , Dillon, Old Nick, Sir Edward’s. Bardinet also distributes cocktails such punches but also cane syrups, and liqueurs of bandies.

La Martiniquaise’s brands which are available in South Africa include:  Poliakov Vodka, Label 5 and Busnel Calvados

These brands are mainly available through retail groups: try Liquor City, Ultra Liquors and Imperial Wholesalers.