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For liquor retail security products and the latest stock loss prevention technology contact SLP Technologies (Stock Loss Prevention Technologies)

To do the quote for you on EAS I will need the following information:

  1. What is the doorway width of doorway? This is to determine the number of posts required.
  2. What type of product will you be selling? This is for the type of solution sticky labels, hard tags etc.
  3. How many till points? This is for the deactivators and detachers.
  4. How many items do you want to tag?
  5. Is there a staff entrance that needs to be covered and what is the width of this doorway?
  6. What type of flooring is there. We normally grind in the grout line and lay the wires between the posts and cover up later with grout if it is a tiled floor.
  7. What area is this installation to take place? Travel time etc?
  8. Name and address of the business for the quote.

Send the above info to John for a quote. His details are:
John Collins
Tel: 011 234 7130
Cell: 082 318 7814

Download SLP Brochure:

  1. SLP-Brochure
  2. Grippa Bottle tag brochure