Shaun Gatonby, Spar Engage

In this episode we chat to Shaun Gatonby, managing director of Spar Engage, sales and merchandising agents for the Spar private label business. Before starting Spar Engage, Shaun worked for the Imana Foods’ owned sales and merchandising company, Process Sales.

Shaun takes time to explain the intricacies of the Spar private label business which was started by Bruce Hughes and the team at Monteagle and is now called Spar Encore. Spar Encore looks after the supply chain of the Spar private label products for the retailers.

Spar Engage has three divisions, they have a team that looks after retailers, a team that looks after Tops and the newest division, Fresh, which will look after butchery, bakery, produce, food solutions and deli.