Rottcher Wineries

Rottcher Wineries Products:

Fermented products:
Avalencia (orange-wines) -The original Rottcher creation. Similar to sweet sherry or port.
Avalencia Dry – A drier version of the sweeter Avalencia which can be likened to a pale dry sherry
Avalencia Ginger – Avalencia tinged with ginger. Exceptionally versatile and distinguished. Use in cooking, sauces & marinades
Avalencia Chilli – Avalencia – with a bite! An interesting and pleasant alternative.

All the above wines have an alcohol content of approximately 14%.

Distilled products:
Rottcher Limoncello Liqueur – Double-distilled Avalencia, infused with lemons and sweetened with cane sugar.
Alcohol content of 30%

Truffle Chocolates – An indulgent treat made locally by Shautany. Soft centres mixed with the different Avalencia flavours encased in a layer of delicious dark chocolate.

Points of interest: Wine made from oranges has an extremely long shelf life, and can be stored in its original bottle for up to 30 years. Once uncorked the wine will remain good and palatable for up to two years provided it is refrigerated.

T: 013 751 3472
A: Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre, White river, Mpumalanga