Mountain Brewing Company

Mountain Brewing Co is Worcester’s first Craft Brewery, based in the Klipbokkop Mountain Reserve. Beers: Signature Lager: Loadshedding Lager Cape Kraken Belgian Amber Ale Black or White, Hy Smaak Oraait Vanilla Porter Copper Dawn Lager

Loxton Lager

A beer for foodies?  Loxton Lager is clearly different, even the label agrees, it’s “brewed for food”.  You taste Africa.  Fynbos.  Honey. And the Karoo. Loxton is an all grain east-European lager in style (malt base with pearled barley for…

Fynbos Distillery

Fynbos Distillery

The Fynbos Distillery product range:

  1. Apple-and-Rooibos-Witblits
  2. Apple-Crumble-Witblits
  3. Apple-Witblits
  4. Cranberry-Witblits
  5. Fig-Witblits
  6. Lemon-Witblits
  7. Mango-Witblits
  8. Peach-Witblits
  9. Pear-Witblits
  10. Plain-Witblits
  11. Tropical-Witblits
  12. Husk-Spirit
  13. Husk-Spirit-Milktart

Gizmo Marketing

Gizmo Marketing distributes:
Halewood Range
Bavaria Range
Swartland Range
Van Loveren Range
Orange River Cellars Range
Haertswater Range
Bevtec Range (JP’s)
Stellenbosh vineyard’s Range
WineWays Range

Castle 1895 Draught

.castle draught

SAB relaunches Castle Draught for the third “Third time lucky?”

Castle 1895 Draught now in green “aspirational” packaging