Mikkeller is a prestigious, internationally acclaimed Danish craft brewer, who has collaborated with some of the world’s best breweries, producing a broad array of styles, from West Coast IPAs to Belgian lambics.

During its history, Mikkeller has released 800 different beers in a wide variety of styles. Mikkeller’s beers have won multiple awards.
​Three beers from Mikkeller are now available in South Africa:
1. Mikkeller Green Gold (ABV 7%) – An IPA from Mikkeller that is not afraid of living up to its name. The hops are aromatic, American and aggressive. Green Gold is a Mikkeller classic. Style: American-style India Pale Ale
2. Mikkeller American Dream (ABV 4.6%) – A lager which is packed with American hops. A lager like you have never tasted before. Style: Lager/pilsner
3.Mikkeller Peter, Pale and Mary (ABV 4.6%) – Fruity yet balanced American pale, with big grapefruit hop flavours. Aromas that offer tropical fruit to balance out the malt and hops.
Style: American Pale Ale

Nordic Craft is the South African distributor for Mikkeller and we are excited to be bringing his innovative and high-quality beers to South African craft beer drinkers. They have selected three Mikkeller beer types that they think are good ice breaking beers for the South African market. In future, they will bring more of his beer styles, so beer fans can experience more of Mikkeller’s large variety.