Liquid 2 Lip Brands

Liquid 2 Lip Brands’ primary focus is on craft liquor distillers that imports novel and innovative brands.

American Barrels Bourbon, packaged in a bottle shaped like a shotgun shell that’s wrapped in a glass rattlesnake. Produced in Charleston, South Carolina, this eye-catching bottle of bourbon ‘embodies two things Americans hold dear – whiskey barrels and gun barrels.

American Barrels bourbon is a young and vibey small batch bourbon whisky. It is 45% alcohol by volume, with a mash bill consisting of 60% corn, 36% rye, and 4% malted barley. Youthful and balanced bourbon with a lingering caramel sweetness and subtle oaky finish. I love the bottle:

AnestasiA Vodka, the highest rated American made luxury vodka, is packaged in a stunning, reusable bottle is made from recycled materials and makes an excellent gift for any Vodka connoisseur.

I’d buy it just for the bottle:

Amigos Tequila Beer, the beer with the Mexican Spirit. Tequila and lime are the classic flavours of Mexico, present at any party! Vibrant carnivals and celebrating the good things in life are central to Mexican culture, as is refreshing, easy drinking cerveza.

Amigos is inspired by this sense of celebration, colour, energy and fun and the combination of classic Mexican flavours.