Kleiner Keiler


Hardenberg Kleiner Keiler Spicy Cherry Liqueur Shooter is distributed by Captain Distributors in Gauteng

How to drink a Kleiner Keiler:
• Unscrew the cap on your bottle of Kleiner Keiler
• Place the cap firmly on the tip of your nose
• Pick up the bottle with your teeth, tilt your head back and let the Kleiner Keiler run down your throat.
• Now remove the cap from your nose and close the bottle, turn the bottle upside down to reveal a number.
• The person with the highest or lowest number, depending on how you choose to play, will be obliged to buy the next round. Alternatively the first person to let the bottle cap fall off their nose buys the next round.
• Take the cap into your mouth, take a deep breath and blow it out of your mouth as hard as you can, at your drinking-mates.

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