Gilroys Brewery

gilroysGilroys has been brewing craft beer since way before it was the in thing.  I remember buying a pack of Gilroys Beers at Makro Centurion as early as 2001.

Gilroys brews:
Gilroy Serious (5.5% ABV)
Gilroy Traditional (4.5% ABV)
Gilroy Favourite (4% ABV)
Gilroy Lager (4% ABV)

Real Ales and a Lager – are natural, unpasteurised, without preservatives and brewed to the Irish Purity Laws, as written by Steve Gilroy himself sometime in the last century. Natural / Low carbonation – enough to dance on the tongue but cause no distress to the tummy. – Gilroys

T: 011 796-3020
M: 073 357-2897