Edward Snell & Co

Edward Snell & Co. Ltd, the third largest spirit merchant by volume in South Africa, was established in 1848.  

Edward Snell handles spirits brands owned by Remy Cointreau and William Grant & Sons in the region.  Other agency brands include: Stroh Rum, Mandarine Napoleon, Santy’s Bitters & Jose Cuervo.

Edward Snell’s own brands include Wellington & Oude Molen Brandy, Russian Bear Vodka, Bonnie & Clyde Scotch Whisky, Barclays Extra Special Old Scotch Whisky, Glen Eagle Rare Old Scotch Whisky, Two Keys Whisky, Firstwatch Canadian Whisky, Strettons Gin, Montez Coffee Liqueur, Cape Hope Old Blended Spirit Aperitif, Craighall wines & Jack Tarr Rum.

Hoopers Peach and Grapefruit Schnapps has been discontinued.

Vasari recently bought a controlling stake in South African spirits firm TNB, Namaqua has been appointed as TNB‘s distributor.