Dario Scilipoti – Bluebird Coffee Roastery

A Beverage Industry Podcast with Holger Meier

Dario Scilipoti, the founder of Bluebird Coffee Roastery is our guest today.

Bluebird Coffee Roastery was awarded the coveted Best New Roastery award at the prestigious FNB Coffee Magazine gala event recently.

Dario talks about his journey and explains the technical aspects of roasting coffee. Coffee supply chain is very complicated and not very transparent. Dario hopes to change this.

The way that coffee is being traded around the world is really unsustainable. Coffee is often traded at below the cost price. The commodity price of coffee has actually decrease over the last 20 years.

As a roaster, Dario wants to support as supply chain that is sustainable.

Dario explains that the big brands are masters of consistency whereas the specialy brands are masters at offering a flavour experiences.

Dario explains: Third wave coffee – connecting the consumer directly with the coffee Gourmet Coffee – marketing term Specialty Coffee – rated at more 80 by Q-raters

Bluebird Coffe is available at: Hillcrest Kwikspar Salt Rock Coffee company