citizen 3Citizen has three craft beers: Alliance, Saboteur and Diplomat


JHB – Craft Liquor Merchants – Chris 076 453 8853
PE – The Craft Bru – Dieter 083 268 5535
DBN – Craft Republic – Byron 072 572 8882
CPT – R+H – 0861 DRINKS

Tasting notes:
Amber Ale
A light-bodied, amber-coloured beer, with a mild bitterness followed by
rich caramel tones, finishing with a subtle piney hop flavour.
5.5% ABV

English IPA
A light-bodied, copper-coloured beer, with a spicy, moderate bitterness
followed by subtle toasty/toffee tones, finishing with a lingering spicy
hop flavour.
5.5% ABV


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