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Drayman’s Brewery & Distillery

Drayman’s Brewery & Distillery was founded by pioneer master brewer and distiller, Moritz Kallmeyer, in 1997. Draymans is the home of many craft brands and includes: Altstadt Weissbier, Düssel Altbier, Berghof, Goblin’s Bitter, Jolly Monk Rauchbier, Emperor India Pale Ale, Old Legless Strong Ale, Merlin’s Mild, Drayman’s Single Malt Whisky, Drayman’s Solera Whisky, Hakkiesdraad Mampoer, Honigjäger.

Every country has its own take on moonshine, but leave it to South Africa to field one of the most potent. Mampoer is a strong alcohol made from fermented fruit, unsweetened and distilled until it’s absolutely clear. The most famous brand is Hakkiesdrad, which communicates the potency of the spirit by wrapping every sold bottle in barbed wire to discourage casual drinking. That’s only 100 proof, but other regional mampoers can get up to 160 proof.

Mampoer is potent and a little sweet, with some fruit notes coming from the source material. It hits hard, though, and can leave you with a brain-splitting hangover. South Africans also play a bar game called bokdrol spoeg which involves taking small pellets of poop from the wild deer known as the kudu, soaking them in mampoer and spitting them for distance. I don’t think I’ve ever been drunk enough to put deer turds in my mouth. –

The only single malt ever to be produced on the South African Highveld. Distilled by Moritz Kallmeyer in 2006 and first released in 2010 in a batch of 1000. look out for this amazing whisky.

Hakkiesdraad Mampoer

Hakkiesdraad Mampoer is distilled by Drayman’s Brewery & Distillery it is available in Hakkiesdraad Maroela, Hakkiesdraad Perske, Hakkiesdraad Kersie and Hakkiesdraad Litchi.

While Hakkiesdraad Mampoer is the most readily available mampoer brand in South Africa, another brand that is interesting is Thunder & Rust. Thunder & Rust is available in a unique range of typical South African flavours