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Ignite Charcoal

Ignite manufactures premium quality products:


Premium quality, long lasting briquettes packed into a 4 kg bag. Perfect for Kettle braai. Briquettes stay hot enough for a  2 hour Braai/Barbeque.

SA Lumpwood Charcoal

Made from a less dense, high carbon premium quality wood ensures high heat from this product, as well as volume for weight. NEW poly-woven bags are used for your convenience. They are water and ALL weather proof. No more tears, no more mess no more worries.

Perfect for steak and the quick Braai/Barbeque.

Namibian Hardwood Charcoal

Premium quality, chunky hardwood charcoal. These special bags are packed with only big pieces of top quality chunky charcoal. NEW poly-woven bags are used for your convenience. They are water and ALL weather proof. No more tears, no more mess no more worries. This top quality product stays hot enough for up to a 3 hour Braai/Barbeque

Instant Light Charcoal

Contains 2 packs of premium quality instant light charcoal. Each pack has 1.5 kg of charcoal. It is very convenient and clean. One 1.5kg pack provides enough heat to cook for 4 people. The product can be used as a fire lighter. Extremely popular with built in Braais/Barbecues. It lights with a single match and no firelighters are required. It is easy, convenient and clean and ready to cook in 20 minutes. It is a clean product to keep on the shelf or in the pantry.

Compressed Fire Logs

Made from sawdust and other by-products of timber. Ideal for fireplaces. Burns for a long time, no sparks or spitting and leaves very little ash.

Quick BriQs – Instant light Briquettes

The newest addition to our rapidly-growing range of quality charcoal products. Quick BriQs is a product aimed at the customer’s convenience. With this product, no firelighters are needed, just use 1 match to light the top of the bag and sit back and watch the bag burn and in no time the Quick BriQs are all flaming. Ignite prides itself in the fact that our briquettes are excessive-smoke-and-odour-free. This product can be used without making a mess or getting your hands dirty. Our Quick BriQs are packaged in a new water-proof and tear-proof bag adding to your convenience

Instant Braais

2 Convenient sizes available in both Party and Picnic form. The disposable barbecues are filled with instant light charcoal. They are very convenient, and it lights with just one match (no fire lighters needed). After lighting, the barbecue is ready to cook in 20 minutes. This product is ideal to sell together with specialized meat products in stores. It comes with a stand. Clean and easy to use and once you are done, you can dispose of it. No more cleaning of barbecues. It is light weight and easily portable.


Ignite firelighters come in 4 rows of firelighters individually wrapped in foil. Use 1 row for 1 braai and the rest stay fresh and dry for your next braai


We sell both wattle as well as hardwood firewood. Ideal for fireplaces and campfires.

E & C Charcoal

E & C Charcoal is the biggest producer of Charcoal in South Africa with an annual production of 20 000 tons of lump and 12 000 tons of briquettes. The vast majority of the Company’s production is exported to almost every European country, and it has established an excellent International reputation for quality, service and reliability.

Tel: 033 3421338
Fax: 033 3943764

Etosha Charcoal

Etosha Charcoal

Braai&BBQ produces Charcoal, Briquettes, Triangular Briquettes (known as ‘Triquettes®’) and firelighter products at our Pretoria based factory.
Standard packaging includes 5kg bags of Charcoal and 4kg bags of Briquettes and ‘Triquettes®’. The Blitz ‘Triquettes®’ brand is currently the market leader in most retail stores and Etosha Briquettes and Charcoal have a wide distribution area.

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