Category: Flavoured Beer

Innes & Gunn

innis rangeInnes & Gun beer is now available in South Africa

Truman Orange
Rowan Leibbrandt
076 091 7234

Flagship Brands Ltd (UK)

flagship rangeTwo brands from Falgship Brands Ltd (UK) are available in South Africa:

Bachata Cuban rum beer and Viru Premium Estonian Beer. Bachata Cuban rum beer is imported by Nu World and Viru by Mexco.

Flagship Brands is known for importing Russian vodkas such as Flagship and Matrioshka and is associated to Baltic Beer Company, owners of Viru Premium Estonian Beer.

Boston Brewery

boston brewery rangeBrands:
Boston Lager
Johnny Gold Weiss
Loaded Cannon Ale
Naked Mexican
Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale
Whale Tale Ale

CT: 021 300 0625
GP: 011 568 0745 / 082 706 7677
Overberg: 078 597 9428
Dbn: VDP: 031 579 5303