Carl Grossmann, Brackenhill Distillery

Carl Grossmann from Brackenhill Distillery in Waterfall, KwaZulu-Natal is our guest in this episode. I first met Carl when he was working on a project to import Malawi Gin. Carl fell in love with Malawi (Gin) when he was on an overland trip through that beautiful country. Malawi Gin is owned by a big conglomerate that did not want to grant exclusive distribution rights to anyone, so Carl moved on and now owns his own distillery.

Carl uses ancient heritage grain varieties as a basis for their gin, vodka and whiskey. His packaging, logos and labels also reflect his local roots. Umzuzwane, or lemon bush, a small, fragrant plant gives the gin a local flavour.

The distillery offers a very impressive gin making experience and also sells their products directly to the public. The distillery was recently featured on Inside Africa on CNN: