Tipo Tinto Rum

Tipo Tinto, the Island Spirit, which has been enjoyed in Mozambique, for over 150 years. Tipo Tinto now officially available in South Africa. It’s not a drink. It’s a feeling. The one and only, Tipo Tinto. The legend has arrived.

Tipo Tinto is the secret spirit in the infamous long drink, R & R, hugely popular with South African holiday makers.

Typically R & R is a 2/3 Sparberry Morango 1/3 Tipo Tinto mix.

The only way to drink red cold drinks – Holger Meier

Tipo Tinto Rum and the new R&R premix is now available nationally.

Trade orders: LIQUORSA.co.za/order

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  1. 06/06/2014 at 9:31 am

    Railton, I have not seen the Mozambique mixer here…
    Please let us know if you find it.

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