Non-alcoholic Beer

Gone are the days when there is no choice for the beer lover – now we even have a choice when choosing a non-alcoholic beer. This industry is driven by the middle eastern market. There is a huge market for malt beverages in countries where the consumers faith does not permit them to drink alcoholic beverages. Often the words non-alcoholic beer are substituted by malt beverage because beer has a connotation with alcohol.

Germany’s no. 1 Non-alcoholic beer and winner of numerous awards: Clausthaler
Available at leading supermarkets and liquor retailers –

Clausthaler Holger Meier

3 Horses, Bitburger Drive, ERDINGER Alkoholfrei – delicious taste of wheat beer without alcohol – definitely one of my favourites.

non alcsuper bock preta non alc

FAXE Free, is from Denmark and Der Graf von Bavaria is also an Alcohol Free Bavarian wheat beer.

Super Bock has both a regular and a dark non-alcoholic beer – these are imported by Liquor City.


range malt only

Bavaria has a range of flavoured non-alcoholic beers and malts.