Cornwall Beverage Company

Cornwall Liqueurs

Cornwall Beverage Company sells and distributes:

  • Henleys cocktails and cordials
  • Melktert – Traditional South African Shooter
  • Really Yummy – Peanut butter cream Liquor
  • Jammy – Ready to drink Cocktails in a glass Jam jar.

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Imported beers, spirits and liqueurs, as well as the Henleys range of cordials and cocktail mixes.

The brands include: Hardenberg Kleiner Keiler, Bärenjäger, Joseph Cartron Amaretto, Joseph Cartron Pampelmousse Rose, Joseph Cartron Double Crème de Cassis, Boutari Ouzo, Schladerer Kirschwasser, – Himbeergeist, – Williams Pear, Henleys Cordials and Cocktail Mixes (Formerly Dreams Cocktail Mixes).

Asahi Super Dry, Cobra Beer, Cobra Zero, Erdinger, Leffe Blond, Leffe Brun, Mythos Beer, Tiger Beer.