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Fynbos Distillery

Fynbos Distillery

The Fynbos Distillery product range:

  1. Apple-and-Rooibos-Witblits
  2. Apple-Crumble-Witblits
  3. Apple-Witblits
  4. Cranberry-Witblits
  5. Fig-Witblits
  6. Lemon-Witblits
  7. Mango-Witblits
  8. Peach-Witblits
  9. Pear-Witblits
  10. Plain-Witblits
  11. Tropical-Witblits
  12. Husk-Spirit
  13. Husk-Spirit-Milktart

Reika Distillers (Hermann Reiners)

Herman Reiners distills German-style fruit liqueurs from his small distillery 18km from Rustenburg in the foothills of the Magaliesberg mountains. No colourants, preservatives or artificial flavourings are used and only the best of sun-ripened fruits are naturally fermented and distilled. Whether you want a tart, aromatic plum spirit, a sweet, honey-infused nectarine tipple or a classic pear Schnapps, you really can’t go wrong with Reika.

Herman’s products include:
Williams Christ Pear Schnapps
Zwetschgenwasser Plum Schnapps
Nectarine Schnapps
Kirschwasser Schnapps
Pampulmuse Ruby Red Grapefruit

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Liquor City imports some of these great products from Luxardo (previously with NMK Schulz).

They have the only Slivovitz in South Africa.

Gentleman Spirits

gentleman spiritsGentleman Spirits produce and sell: Spirits, White Spirit, Husk Spirit, Grappa, Eau de Vie, Schnaps, Geist & Liqueur.

Find Gentleman Spirits at Blaauwklippen Vineyards, Strand Road / R44, Stellenbosch

T: 082 90 79 787

Hakkiesdraad Mampoer

hakkiesHakkiesdraad Mampoer is distilled by Drayman’s Brewery & Distillery it is available in Hakkiesdraad Maroela, Hakkiesdraad Perske, Hakkiesdraad Kersie and Hakkiesdraad Litchi.
Contact Draymans for orders:
T: 012 804 8800
F: 012 804 8803
M: 082 856 1212



Herbert’s Assorted Berries, makes a range of authentic German Schnapps.
Tel: 011 396 2330



Tanagra produces a range of Marc (or what the Italians call ‘Grappa’ and the Germans call ‘Trester’) and Eau de Vie (‘water of life’).

Tel:  +27 23 625 1780

Wilderer Distillery

Master distiller, Helmut Wilderer, moved his distillery operation to Paarl in 2002. Wilderer produces a large range of distilled products, including Eau de Vie, Grappa, Schnapps, Kirschwasser, Himbeergeist, Obstler, and Healing Fynbos Bitter.  Visit Wilderer’s Distillery, where you can also listen soft, smooth Jazz during a relaxed Sunday lunch.

T: 021 86 33 555

Wilderer Distillery