The Beer Book is the most extensive guide to beer and breweries in South Africa by Holger Meier

After spending more than 20 years “in the trade” I thought it was time to publish The Beer Book.

The Beer Book by Holger Meier Ale Trail South Africa

The Beer Book was written as a guide for the Liquor Retailer, listing more than 500 bottled beers that are available in South Africa, each with a colour photo and a short description.

how to use the Beer Book

To help you, the liquor retailer, find the beers that your customers want, I have made this list for you:

But The Beer Book is NOT only designed to assist the liquor retailer.

The Beer Book was also designed to be a companion for the beer enthusiast.
The Beer Book includes a guide to 78 breweries that welcome visitors in South Africa, it features a journal which allows you to record and rate the beers you taste, lessons on which glass to use to best enjoy different beer styles, and an inspiration to help you develop your beer bucket list.  The Beer Book will also help you discover beers from 27 countries by “Drinking Your Way around the World.”
The Beer Book’s guide to ALL the breweries that welcome visitors in South Africa:

On the Ale Trail with Holger Meier The Beer Book


FREE BEER – everybody loves free beer: There are more than 70 breweries that welcome visitors and most of these breweries will reward visitors with a FREE BEER.

Claim your Reward over 70 free beers with The Beer Book

The reader only have to collect 10 – 15 of the FREE BEERS to get the money back the money that you invested in purchasing The Beer Book.

The help answer the question of where to find these 500+ beers, it also has a guide to all the top beer retailers in South Africa that stock some of these fine beers.

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If cycling is the new golf, then beer is the new wine.

Interested in growing this lucrative niche in your retail outlet?  

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Holger is more than happy to assist retailers to find ways to grow this part of their business!

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Holger Meier The Beer Book

South Africa’s Top Retailers recommend The Beer Book:

Hi Holger, I would personally like to congratulate you on your sterling efforts over the past few months since I met you in our office last year.
Your contribution to beer knowledge is priceless and we, as retailers, appreciate what you have done. With kind regards, Andrew Jardim, Liquor City

South Africa’s Top Craft Brewer’s recommend The Beer Book:

Best beer guide in the country! – Steve Miller, Garagista Beer Company
An Extremely well research book on the S.A. Beer Industry. – Rob Mitchell, OMB & co-founder of The Keg Restaurant & Pubs
Wonderful book to learn about all the breweries.  Lekker to taste & see more breweries. Cheers! – Deon Engelbrecht, Stellenbrau
Awesome book! – Shaun Standeaven, The Standeaven Brewery
Holger, thanks for this great book!!! – Ampie Kruger, Wild Clover Brewery
Stunning and impressive research of SA Cideries and breweries. Well done. – Richard Stephens, Windermere Cider
Holger, Your book paid for itself in the first month I had it. Managed to get to about 8 of the breweries during my December leave, between gauteng and the Eastern Cape, so thank you. James Reeves, Club House Brewery

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