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The Digital Salesman

After 20 years in the liquor trade I started a Blog, a Podcast and a Newsletter, dedicated to bringing Brands, Distributors, Wholesalers and Retailers together.

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Where wholesalers and distributors once held all the knowledge, retailers can now find new brands and research trends using the internet. It is no longer necessary for retailers to be completely reliable on sales reps to discover exciting new brands nor to place orders.

Both wholesalers and retailers have new challenges and opportunities. Both have to master social media, maintain customer email lists, figure out point of sale and so much more.


Can your liquor store perform better?

  • Fast efficient online orders
  • Learn about the latest trends and the hot new categories.
  • Discover and find new Brands. 
  • Connect with new Distributors and Wholesalers.
  • Do you need help with marketing content for your Facebook and Social Media platforms?
  • Do you need brand images and information for your eCommerce store?

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Retailer Testimonial: Thank you from Mike Egling, Hillcrest Tops

Brand Owners

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  • Do you need help with the launch of a new brand?
  • Need help finding sales and distribution partners?
  • Are you looking for new opportunities?
  • Need help creating marketing content for social media?
  • Have you got content that you want Retailers to use on their social media platforms?

We can help with advice on sales, distribution and digital marketing.

Our consulting packages start from R2000 + Vat per month.

Distributor  Testimonial: Ludgero da Cruz, Covert Distributors

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