Work with Holger

Holger has been selling beer and other drinks since 1994 and he knows every role player in the industry.  Now you have an opportunity to work with Holger.  Join Holger’s private consulting & coaching group, Craft Network.  Surround yourself with success.

Brand Owners, Importers & Distributors

Membership to Holger’s group for Brand Owners, Importers & Distributors entitles you to a monthly coaching call as well as membership to Holger Private Facebook Group, where you can ask for all the advice you need and interact with other selected members.  Membership starts at R600 + Vat per month.


Specialist Retailers

Specialist Retailers join Holger’s group of craft retailers & enjoy specialist advice and group buying benefits.  Get Holger’s to personally help you grow the Craft Beer and Small Batch Spirits categories in your outlet.  Holger helps with the procurement, ordering and marketing of your outlet.  Membership starts at R6000 + Vat per month.